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the idea of a work in progress home, where living without limts and arrangements, a house that grows with the number of the people who live in or with your friends. This idea brought us to design a lot of big cushions, where people can easily sit down. So we decided to produce double face cushions, one side more resistante to sit on the ground and another one more comfortable and lighter. That’s why we used materials like jeans or plastic easier to wash and manage. so, they can be used for indoor or outdoor places and can easily wet and washed. We are so fond of contemporany materials that we decided to put them with natural fabrics in order to create a personal collection according to our tastes and trends. Different materials, sizes, new brightness and new way of uses like prints, thermoplstic prints for full paintings of the background or hand-made prints are used with new and becoming objects borrowed from architecture, fairy tales and nature, in other words from the world we live in.

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every order must be made including: collection, code number and colour. For every collections, fabric availability and edition must be always checked.
orders are sold out within a 1,2 months, but we are used to discuss right time with the client, in order to the articles.

product information:

As all items are made by hand – please be aware that items may vary slightly from one another due to the nature of their construction.

All items are made to order. Whilst we will endeavour to make and deliver your order within 15 working days please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. If you require a faster service please contact us and we will try to accommodate your request.

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desartacasa is a “sartorial dream”. In opposition to excessive consumption and with the aim to produce limited edition pieces we produce your items on demand. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned!




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l’idea di una casa work in progress, da vivere senza schemi e senza separazioni..una
casa che cresce quando ci sono tanti amici è quella che ci ha portato a pensare tanti
cuscini grandi da usare come sedute a terra.così abbiamo introdotto le” due facce del
cuscino”, una più resistente da tenere a contatto con il pavimento e una a contatto più
da qui l’idea di usare oltre al jeans anche materiali plastici, facili da pulire e versatili.
sono nate le plastiche per gli interni e le plastiche pensate per l’esterno..da lavare e da
poter bagnare.
poi il passo è stato fatto..materiali così contemporanei ci sono piaciuti per poter abbinare
alle collezioni più naturali per poter comporre ognuno la propria collezione secondo i
propri gusti e tendenze.
differenze di tatto, spessori..lucentezze nuove e nuove possibilità di applicazioni…come
le stampe fotografiche, le stampe termoplastiche per campiture piene ..
o ancora stampe manualima con soggetti nuovi e sempre in divenire, presi in prestito
dall’architettura, dalle fiabe, dalla natura…dal mondo che noi viviamo!