boat | blue dots

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Bag from assemblies of tissues, non-reversible double-sided. The outside is waterproof, in white translucent plastic. Double nylon handles with small touches of color. The inside is in white cotton decorated with large electric blue polka dots and fuchsia trimmings. It can be closed completely by two blue nylon zips. Designed to be carried over the shoulder or by hand. Fabrics from stock of abandoned industrial productions reused in assembling the bag to obtain a unique and not mass product, embracing the idea of ​​ethical consumption using abandoned productions. Each bag is sewn with love by a Tuscan tailor living in a house in the woods and with which it was decided to work according to a “ethical” code , which provides exchange, equal relationship and fair prices that recognize the quality of the packaging. we love dreamers nomads, fabric enthusiast. If you want lose your way in a big : the boat is your perfect bag! it is a world, not a simple bag. would you like to have this one available boat ? write to us :  




size 77×34 cm.
weith 250 gr. 

materials : fabric from dismissed production

Production Type: in collaboration with Tuscan tailor .

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