basket | low

desartcasa home collection is a line of supplements. It comes out from the wish to create a limited edition of unique and special hand-made works. It is a collection where fabrics and materials are mixed together, where serial production and reserch are in a very narrow contact.
Workmanships are hand-made and every single article is unique.

Hand twined baskets  introduce in your spaces a new concept to “storage” and to contain your things around the house.
a stylish storage solutions. warm material and unusual mix for a decostructed form

non esistono solo gli oggetti, ma la gestualità che sta dietro di loro o che abita in loro. in desartcasa “abitano”  la visione del prodotto di design e quella di una produzione ai confini con quella più propriamente artistica. un sottile fil rouge a cavallo di questi mondi li attraversa, ma è il gesto umano a dare loro la loro vita dove essi saranno accolti. la stessa che li ha intrecciati.con cura, tempo e amore…molto amore.






  • BASKET_ sizes and colours
  • Medium low |h. 14/17  cm , diam. 18/26 cm
  • weith 350 gr. 
  • materials : wool
  • colours : white+red, white+black…..>ask for more !
  • avaiable soon : white+red wool
  • Production Type: self-produced and in collaboration with Tuscan craftsmans
  • How to use  : to contain  flowers ( as flowerpot), in the bathroom, for the kids…smart and stylish storage solutions in the kids’ room for toys, teddies or socks and scarfs.
  • Artefact product with possible imperfections
  • Manufatto artigianale con possibili irregolarità

“I offer you my ideas, my work. You can use as you want, as you like and prefere. To realize this wool basket needs long time. It is not only an object, but there is inside…something more. If you want this is my favourite story about the wool baskets collection. Other way  we propose a soft collection to contain in your home what you prefere !”