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desartcasa is : big bag, extra large bag ! Moving from the house to the person, the large bags are doubly useful….conceived as containers for a traveling home, or for mothers with a thousand things to do, or for travelers taking shelter or simply looking for alternatives to the great rucksack.

A great big bag that looks like a box. 

Arises from the form of the width of the canvas chairs and from the idea that a bag designed as a rigid box made of fabric can hold many things in the house and not be just a bag.
Resistant for extra heavy loads!



size 40x55x17 cm.
weith 550 gr. 

materials: cotton and linen canvas produced by an historical Italian company’s                                           Production Type: in collaboration with Tuscan tailor .

Una borsa grande grande che assomiglia ad una scatola.
Nasce dal modulo della larghezza della tela sdraio e dall’idea che una borsa concepita come una scatola in tessuto rigida possa contenere tante cose in casa e non essere solo una borsa.
Extra resistente, per carichi pesanti!                                                                                                                     Tipologia di produzione: in collaborazione con sarto toscano


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