Desartcasa home collection started in the 2007, as an all female project. An interior designer,  with the contribution of a textile designer friend, after having their babies start working together to a new project, that includes “their worlds” connecting fashion, design and their new condition of being “mummies”. We love living the interior spaces and to bring pieces of house outside.

The idea of a work in progress home, where living without limits and arrangements, a house that grows with the number of the people who live in or with your friends. This idea brought to design a lot of big cushions, where people can easily sit down. So desartcasa produce double face cushions, one side more resistant to sit on the ground and another one more comfortable and lighter. That’s way we used materials like jeans or plastic easier to wash and manage .They can be used for indoor or outdoor places and can easily wet and washed.We are so fond of contemporary materials that we decided to put them with natural materials, sizes, new brightness and new way of uses with new and becoming object borrowed from architecture, fairy tales and nature, in other words from the world we live in .

desartcasa produces also “little and useless” objects/furniture.

We love materials and research and  remember to be a designer means keeping  eyes and hearts of a child, to be able to watch the space in a new way and to be amazed.

Every desartcasa pieces is completely handmade and born thanks to several hours spent to transforming  materials into an authentic handcraft product.

The designer behind all that is letizia donati

letizia donati creative interior designer

(nice to meet you !)